Sketching With Sedone


Welcome to artofsedone.com (AOS). My name is Sedone, and I have lots of ideas to share with you!

The content will start off being mostly art related, but I also want to post about the books I’m writing. I plan on writing a series of fantasy novels and illustrations which is called “Project D” for now. My goal is to not only publish these works, but create a dedicated fan base, because I truly believe in the story.

This blog will evolve. For now, I’m posting the first video from the AOS YouTube channel I created in June of 2022. I’d been away from creating art on a consistent basis for a while, and I started doing daily sketches to get back into it. I decided to record my progress and process, so you can look at it as “sketch with me” videos. If you’ve ever wanted to start drawing, or like me, got out of the habit, and want to have a gentle way of getting back into it, follow along with the videos for ideas and inspiration.

Thanks for visiting AOS!

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