The Mountain (a poem)


The Mountain (a poem)

Our personal mountain stands tall and proud,

A challenge to be faced and conquered,

A symbol of all that we’ve allowed,

To shape us and define us.

We stare in awe at its majestic height,

A silhouette in the mist and the rain,

Our path leads us to it (at first out of sight),

Yet we know it’s there just the same.

We stand at the foot of the mountain a while,

In awe of its beauty and might,

We feel the desire to start the climb,

But the time never feels just right.

Eventually we have to make the choice,

We have to face our fears,

We start the climb with a small, brave voice,

“The time is finally here.”

The journey is long and winding,

But we take it one step at a time,

We learn that progress is a daily effort,

And the path is not a straight line.

We meet others along the way,

All of them climbing too,

But in the end it’s our journey to make,

And their journey is theirs to do,

Then one day when we reach the top,

Perhaps we’ll look back in pride,

At all that we’ve experienced,

On this incredible ride.

Written by Sedone Thongvilay

Introducing Project D

Artwork, Story

Introducing Project D

“Project D” is the working title for my planned series of fantasy novels and world. It began with Dungeons & Dragons (as many things do).

The main character of Project D aka “D” was created back in the early 2000’s. She was a rogue, and I sketched a picture of her, but the game never got played, and she was put into the portfolio.

Fast forward a few years and I had the idea of starting another D&D campaign. This also ended up not being played (I think I was just looking for an excuse to worldbuild). This time around, I created new characters and forgot about the previous one.

As it was, none of the D&D games were played, and I spent my time on freelance work illustrating other people’s characters (which I do enjoy). However, my characters and their stories were gestating in the land of imagination, waiting to be born kicking and screaming.

Due to a long story, I had to throw away all of my artwork that was done on paper, which included the initial sketch of D, so the first sketches I have of her are digital, from 2014. The ideas I had for the two separate D&D games merged into one big story, and I started sketching some of the other characters.

As fate would have it, it wasn’t until several years later that I was able to work on my story once again. I really wanted to establish the look and feel of the characters, and use that as inspiration for writing the books.

You can see more artwork for Project D in my Portfolio.